Lash Rejuvenation

Lash Rejuvenation

Lash Growth Treatment

Unlock the Secret to Fuller, Luscious Lashes with DR. LASH’s Lash Growth Treatment! 

Are you tired of dealing with sparse and thin lashes, but the thought of eyelash extensions doesn’t appeal to you? Look no further – our revolutionary Lash Rejuvenation treatment is the answer you’ve been searching for! 

Designed to naturally boost eyelash growth, this treatment introduces our exclusive professional rejuvenation ampoule deep into your eyelids, elevating the pace of growth beyond what conventional applications can achieve.

At DR. LASH, we pride ourselves on offering a non-invasive and pain-free experience with our Lash Rejuvenation procedure. Our micro-needles feature rounded tips, expertly crafted to massage your follicles and encourage optimal growth gently. Rest easy knowing that our highly trained therapists ensure a painless and enjoyable session for you! 

As a bonus, you’ll receive an aftercare ampoule post-treatment, perfect for daily application both day and night in the comfort of your home.

Why choose DR. LASH's Lash Rejuvenation?

  1. Natural eyelash growth stimulation 

  2. Non-invasive and pain-free procedure 

  3. Expert therapists for a seamless experience 

  4. Aftercare ampoule for continued nourishment

Ready to embrace the beauty of fuller lashes? If you have any questions or the allure of Lash Rejuvenation has piqued your interest, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our team is here to guide you on your journey to captivating, luscious lashes.



Lash Growth Treatment

  1. Commencing with a meticulous lash cleansing spa, we expertly eliminate any dirt or impurities that may hinder the process. 

  2. Our exclusive Lash Rejuven8 concentrate is then delicately applied, ensuring complete coverage across the lashes and their roots. 

  3. Experience the precision of micro-needling lash treatment, performed to enhance the serum’s penetration into the lash line. This targeted process takes approximately 1-2 minutes on each eye, ensuring optimal results. 

  4. To maximize effectiveness, the micro-needling lash treatment is repeated at least twice, guaranteeing a thorough application. 

  5. Indulge in a moment of relaxation as we place a warm eye mask to soothe and calm your eyelids, concluding the rejuvenation process with a touch of tranquillity.