Our Lash Process

Our Lash Process
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    Our therapists will start with a 3-step cleansing spa to remove all dirt, bacteria and makeup.

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    An eye mask will be used while we tap down your lower lashes neatly.

    Primer will be used to double cleanse your lashes and remove any excess oil.

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    Lash Isolation

    Each lash is isolated and individually fanned with precision and effort.

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    Our lash extensions will not be glued directly to your eyelids. Instead, it is carefully extended 0.1mm away from the root of each lash.

    Sticking too near to your lids may cause discomfort and could harm your natural lashes.


Pick Your Icon

Au Naturel

Natural lashes with no limits! For this style, we use thicker strands of lashes to enhance your original lashes. This is as natural you can get!

The Doll

Strike the perfect balance between natural and voluminous for the best of both worlds.

The Diva

Let your inner star shine through your eyes! This gives you the fullest lash line as well as an eyeshadow effect. It saves you time and effort in the morning while you conquer your day!


This particular eyelash extension style goes from short to long and maintains a long length till midway before ending off with short lashes at the end. A perfect combination of long and short lashes, giving a subtle sexy look!

The Avant Garde

Using an in-house specialty technique, get ready to view your lashes in its fullest bloom whilst using our fluffiest lashes!

Khloe K

Show your strength and fearlessness through your eyes. Give yourself some Khloe K self-love you deserve with this lash craft.

Kourtney K

It’ll give you that gleam in your eyes. Write your path with our Kourtney K  lash craft and fly like Miss independent.

Kim K

Your eyes will exude confidence and boldness. Get that Kim K determination and empowerment with this lash craft.

Unsure of which suits you best? Our lash experts will be able to recommend you a set of lash extensions based on your facial features, eye shape and of course, your preference!


Eye Shapes


Protruding Eyes are those that sit further out of the eye socket and usually these eyes are rounded as well.
Emphasis on the outer counters will work wonders and gives you a more feminine look.

Recommended Style:

The Doll with Cat Eye


People with single eyelids may face the problem of looking tired. Having longer lashes in the middle of your eyes will help lift your eyes and having a stronger curl will make your eyes pop!

Recommended Style:

The Doll with D Curl


Almond-shaped eyes naturally point upwards at the corners of the eye and is wide in the centre. This means that your eyes already look “open”. Hence, a wide range of styles will fit you perfectly

Recommended Style:

All our Lashcrafts


Round eyes are naturally big. You can choose to elongate the corners of your eyes for a more sultry and feminine look.

Recommended Style:

Scarlett, Karlashians series


You have wide-set eyes if your eyes are more than one eyeball width apart, resulting in a wider look. Choose a style that draws attention to the inner corners of your eyes to create an illusion that your eyes are closer together

Recommended Style:

The Doll with inverted Cat Eye, DIVA


You have close-set eyes if your eyes are less than one eyeball width apart. which gives you a serious look. You may want to choose a style that emphasises the outer corners of your eyes to “pull” them further apart and draw attention away from the inner corners of the eyes.

Recommended Style:

The Doll, Scarlett, Diva with Cat Eye.

Upturned eyes tend to point upwards at the corners of the eyes. This is very similar to almond eyes. Choosing a cat eye style will emphasise the subtle sexy feature on your face.

Recommended Style:

The Doll with Cat Eye, Scarlett

Downturned eyes tend to droop or point downwards at the corners of the eyes, which is often seen in mature ladies who are experiencing sagging due to aging. Choosing shorter lashes in the inner corners that flare out to the outer corners will help to rebalance the eyes and lift them up!

Recommended Style:

Scarlett, Khloe K

Unsure of which suits you best? Our lash experts will be able to recommend you a set of lash extensions based on your facial features, eye shape and of course, your preference!


Pick Your Length










Pick Your Curl

Natural Curl

Bold Curl

Super Curl

Unsure of what suits you? Book an appointment today and our Lash Therapists will advise you accordingly!

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