Natural Eyelash Extension


Natural Eyelash Extension

Natural Eyelash Extension

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Here at DR.LASH we have a range of eyelash extensions styles to cater to different preferences. The two main styles are – Natural and Volume.

This article will discuss the Au Naturel and Doll extensions from the Natural Eyelash Extension series.

Au Naturel

Au Naturel is our most natural looking set of eyelash extension. With each individual healthy lash that you have, our therapists will be extend with one strand of mink lash extension. Using the most advanced lash-by-lash technique, our therapists are trained to glue the extensions 0.1mm away from your eyelids. At DR. LASH, we only use premium mink lashes that ensures the set of extensions do not cause any discomfort. Depending on your lash count and the condition of your lashes, the thickness of the extensions will be between 0.12mm to 0.15mm.


As for the Doll, we use a Russian Volume technique. Each individual healthy lash that you have will be attached to a lash fan of three to four strands of extensions. Even though, it is under the Natural series, the Doll gives a thicker look and an eyeliner effect. All lash styles are customized for each individual and all lash fans are handmade. Likewise, depending on the condition of your lashes, we use lashes of thickness between 0.05 and 0.07mm which ensures the lashes will not be too thick or heavy.

Still not sure which to go for? Don’t hesitate to drop by for a complementary lash analysis. We will be more than happy to help you pick out a set of lashes that suits you the most!