Unlock Your Lash Game: A Guide on How to Make Your Lashes Longer and Healthier


Unlock Your Lash Game: A Guide on How to Make Your Lashes Longer and Healthier

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You’re not alone if you’ve tried pretty much everything on how to make lashes longer; we have, too. Yet even after employing every trick in the book, some have firsthand experience with how irritating it can be when you do not get the desired results. The problem is that these techniques have yet to be proven to work, and they might even endanger your eyes and eyelashes in the process. DR. LASH will therefore walk you through the tried-and-true techniques for making your lashes grow longer and healthier in this blog.

The Top 5 Ways On How To Make Lashes Longer and Healthier 

  • Consider Preventive Measures

The best thing you can do while trying to grow out your eyelashes is to be gentle with them. Choose a mascara that is simple to rinse off and a soft makeup remover. Even though waterproof solutions are wonderful for some situations, they don’t do well during the removal procedure.

  • Use Organic Oils and Gels

Castor oil, coconut oil, and aloe vera gel are examples of moisturizing substances that may promote hair development by nourishing lashes and reducing breakage. There are also good quality lash serums out there that help make your lashes longer and healthier!

  • Apply Vitamin E 

It’s no secret that vitamin E has many advantages for hair, so why shouldn’t lashes be one of them? According to a study, people with alopecia who took tocotrienol pills, a member of the vitamin E family, experienced hair growth. This came about as a result of the vitamin’s antioxidant properties. You can use vitamin E oil topically or eat foods that contain the vitamin, like leafy greens, almonds, and avocados, as dietary supplements.

  • Consume the Correct Supplements

If you desire long lashes in the future, it doesn’t hurt to take biotin tablets. Due to its anti-inflammatory characteristics, biotin strengthens and preserves hair and may also aid in the fight against hair loss. The actions of omega-3 fatty acids are comparable. Omega-3 fatty acid-rich meals, such as salmon, almonds, and seeds, or supplements can moisten eyelashes and reduce inflammation, which promotes hair development.

  • Go For A Lash Lift 

A lash perm or lift, which employs a chemical solution to curl your lashes from root to tip, is an additional procedure you should think about. Indeed, you may now put away the eyelash curler. A lash perm uses your natural lashes instead of extensions for a completely natural look and feel. Your lash specialist may find your lashes too short, damaged, or weak for a lash perm. Keep in mind that the procedure typically starts with a tint. Generally speaking, the process is painless and quite successful.

The advantages of a lash lift may never end. Your lashes will appear longer and have a great lifting effect with a lash lift, giving your eyes a gorgeous appearance. The effects will last for the duration of your lashes’ normal life cycle, making them look longer, thicker, and fuller. Whether you have long, short, or stubby lashes, this procedure can do wonders for you. The treatment takes an hour so you may complete it during your lunch break. Book your appointment with DR. LASH right away!