Frequently Asked Questions

For Lashes

We usually don’t recommend it, but if you do, please be mindful when you’re removing your make up. Do opt for oil-free removers instead as oil breaks down the glue attached to your eyelash extensions, which may be harmful to your lashes!

Our therapists work deftly and swiftly. Each session does not stretch beyond 2 hours – a quick power nap before you wake up transformed.

Our natural lashes have a life cycle of 25 to 29 days, and our job is to prolong the lifetime of your eyelash extensions ensuring that they are healthy and strong.

Our dedicated therapists will also educate you on the best post-treatment tips to care for your lashes for the maximum takeaways. If your lashes are well-looked after, every set can last up to 1.5 months, but the results can vary from each individual.

Not everyone wants to look like Katy Perry without lashes, so our extensions will not affect your natural lashes.

Be confident! Your natural lashes will stay perfectly in place despite eyelash extensions.

Stay away from water and steam for the first 24 hours and sleep on your back at night so pressure is not applied onto them either.

Keep your eye oil free & brush your lashes regularly, just like how you’d comb your hair!

We will only apply lash extensions on the lashes you have. If you have very fine thin lashes you will never have the same result compare to someone with thicker lashes.

No, the glue will not be applied to you skin. Our lash extensions will be glued one by one carefully onto your own real lashes with 0.1mm away from the root.

For Brows

Each session does not stretch beyond 2 hours – a quick power nap before you wake up transformed.

Results can last from 12 to 18 months, depending on a variety of factors such as skin type and lifestyle. We recommend customers to come back for touch up no longer than 3 months to keep your brow on point

We do have three different types namely Powdered brow, Stroked brow and Combi brow. It would be best if you could let us know whether you prefer something more natural or something more defined. Usually, it will coincide with your make up – if you prefer natural looking make up or thicker make up

Recommended to keep your brows free from water for at least 3 hours. Apply repair cream day and night diligently for a week. Lastly, be extra gentle to your brows for the next 2 weeks.

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