DR. LASH Babes

DR. LASH Babes

What They Love About DR. LASH

Our Lash Babes 2nd Anniversary Get Together

I’ve been doing my lashes with Dr Lash for more than a year and they never fail to amaze me
with their expertise. Dr lash have been taking care of my lashes very well especially with
their lash rejuvenation treatment when my lashes were weak and short. Ever since, my lash
extensions have lasted for more than 4 weeks without any touch up! It’s simply amazing 🤩
My favorite lash craft is ‘Blair’. It helps to enlarge my eyes & it doesn’t make my eyes feel
heavy. I always get complimented for how it looks! Everyone needs to try at least one of
their lash crafts 💯!!


I’ve been with Dr. Lash for a year now and it’s been an absolute joy! I look forward to a 2
hours lash nap during every visit and wake up to beautiful lashes 🤭 I’ve tried quite a
number of lashcrafts and my favourite has got to be Serena avant-garde for sure! Thank you
for being part of my beauty routine, Dr Lash!


I’ve done my own lash extensions for years and tried multiple salons. Yet, DR. LASH’s work is beyond me. Most salons advise not to wet my extensions but DR. LASH sets last so much longer even if I use soap. Strands are also softer and glued neatly without too much glue, and they don’t pull on natural lashes.


I have been visiting Dr Lash for the past few years and I am always looking forward to my
appointment with them ❤️ Their service is really top-notched and the therapists are always
gentle and meticulous with my lashes! I can take a lash nap and wake up to beautiful
lashes! My favourite lash craft is definitely Serena �


My 2 favorites are SCARLETT & KOURTNEY K! They both shape my eyes so nicely and they’re slightly more subtle styles but still gives me the volume & thickness I want. My experience with DR. LASH has been nothing short of incredible, delivering consistency in quality and service which I value. I’m always confident I’ll walk out of each session with perfect lashes!


Always thankful to DR. LASH for lash extensions that make me look fresh 24/7 365! I’m wearing the consort gao flutters style here – it may be pricey pricey but retention is crazy, service is impeccable and you save a ton of time in the morning. 


Big, beautiful eyelashes have never gone out of style, and the KarLASHians have become the head of the big-eyelash movement! My Favorite go-to is the KOURTNEY K design which screams “ME”. I love the wispy glamorous effect that maximize the flutter!


Always an amazing experience going to Dr Lash. The technicians are always professional
and gentle (I have super sensitive skin so they always tend to be extra careful with me!)

And best part of it is, I’ve been doing lash extensions for YEARSSS and truly no other lashes
have lasted as long as Dr Lash. Sometimes I’ll be 6 weeks in and my lashes still at 80%.

I have very little lashes as well so lash craft have to be catered to give me lashes hahaha.
And my Favourite is Avant garde for thickness plus a Scarlett wing to give a cat eye effect. I
don’t even need an eye liner with this lash craft!


I’ve been with dr.lash for years now and they are the best ❤️ they do the best long-lasting
eyelash lashcrafts (i always get compliments & ppl always ask where they are from!) and
they also take care of my real lashes well ❤️ i never needed to take breaks in between. my
all time fav has been consort gao but my current fav is avant-garde kim k �