Are Lash Extensions for Me?


Are Lash Extensions for Me?

Are Lash Extensions for Me?

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“Bold. Glamorous. Extra.”

These words come into our minds when we think of lash extensions. The big question is – are lash extensions for me?


Here at DR. LASH we hand-glue Premium Mink Lashes (Vegan) onto EVERY single one of your lashes (yes, unlimited strands~!). Besides, they’re fully customisable to your preference in terms of length, shape and size! Thinking of fixing an appointment but always wondered if lash extensions are for you? Read on to understand more, and fix your appointment with Singapore’s best eyelash extension salon!


Fret no more! There are lashcrafts catered to your unique eye shape! For all you ladies who feel that your eyes are too droopy, lash extensions would brighten up your eyes and make them shine even more than they already do. 

Psst – a pre-consultation with our therapists and front desk would be done with you before your lash nap, where we would advise you which lashcraft could possibly suit you best! 

Here’s the twist – lash extensions may not be for everyone (what????).

You read that right. For you ladies out there with extremely brittle and short lashes, we would strongly advise you to go for at least 3 sessions of Lash Rejuvenation or use our Rejuven8 Lash Serum to strengthen your lashes! 

Your natural lashes are like that of the foundation of a building or a house. Strong, thick lashes would help with longer lasting lashes!